Essence-driven Development

Essence-driven Development

Something that has always seemed motivating is the feeling that my way of doing things generally maintained good adaptability. Throughout my years of study at the University, and later in 10pines, I realized the type of programmer who I want to be.

Many aim to learn Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, or a particular programming language, but this profession is characterized for being constantly changing. For my part, I have always wanted to be sure I’m prepared to face any challenge. Therefore, my way to learn always relies on capturing the essence of knowledge.

It is important to remember that the abstractions we generate will be crucial for future elements, and an essential part of this is remembering the essence of what we do. Our technique must not be driven by design patterns or naming conventions. All these things vary according to the paradigm in which your solution is based. Instead, programming basing on the essence of your abstractions is a crucial element to be a good developer.

Why am I referring to the essence? Mainly because it is very common that, by force of habit or an inflexible scheme of work, the first thing you think when you design, are database attributes instead of variables, controllers before interfaces, or even configuration files before any other thing.

While this seems unusual, it unfortunately happens. And it is partly because we are formed in a specific paradigm, we see a little part of the wide world of programming. If we don’t have some level of variation, hungry to want to see beyond that barrier, we will not be as good as we can in this profession.

Never stop learning. Keep feeding your mind. The good programmer is not the one who knows lots of technologies and the best frameworks, but the one who knows how to create the best abstractions, and represent in the most accurate way possible, the solution to a real problem in the world of ideas.

Thanks for reading.