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Fears while writing code for the first time

Fear is an unpleasant feeling, a paralyzer. It doesn’t allow us to move forward. That's why we as humans need to identify when we are in fear and find ways to manage it in the best way. Believe it or not, writing code requires a lot of courage.

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8 years, 8 challenges

I'm very happy to complete my 8th year at 10Pines, and I would like to share, for each year I've worked here, the biggest challenge I had and what I think I could have done better. In other words, the most important lessons learned each year.

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Anonymity vs. Agile maturity... (vs?)

Does anonymity play any role in agile teams? Even more, can we pretend to pursue a mature agile environment when members of the team are afraid to take ownership of their opinions? Let's think of a few tips to evolve into trust and self-confidence on agile teams.

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Chronicles of a pine-y journey

There are some experiences that, as time goes by, continue to evoke our most sincere emotions due to how precious they were. Arriving at 10Pines, without a doubt, is one of them. This is my story.

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Crónicas de un viaje pinero

Hay experiencias que, conforme pasa el tiempo, evocan nuestros sentimientos más sinceros, debido a lo valiosas que fueron. El haber llegado a 10Pines, sin lugar a dudas, es una de ellas. Y esta es la historia.

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How to gently upgrade your Java application

When I think about getting an upgrade I usually picture myself like this: But… as the time passes… I feel like Homer applying for the university, something like: Since in 10Pines we reached