Por siempre Anyi

El 25/05/2022 se nos fue Anyi, una excelente profesional, compañera y, sobre todo, amiga. Sabemos todo lo que 10Pines significó para Anyi y la importancia que tuvo en su vida, por eso quisimos dejar estas palabras escritas para que podamos contar también todo lo que significó ella para nosotres.

¿Cómo era el trabajo antes y cómo queremos que sea?

Nuestra historia nos marca, pero cómo sigue depende de nosotros. Nicky nos invita a reflexionar acerca de cómo era el trabajo antiguamente, cómo fue evolucionando a lo largo del tiempo, cómo lo vemos ahora y cómo queremos que sea.


Croquet.io es una tecnología de sincronización de eventos, ideada para crear software colaborativo y en tiempo real. Actualmente el proyecto se enfoca en una librería de javascript (que se lanzó en septiembre de 2021). Pero previamente hubo versiones en Smalltalk.

10PinesConf 2021

El viernes 17 de septiembre realizamos nuestra cuarta conferencia interna, en 10Pines. En este post, les contamos un poco cómo surgió esta iniciativa, cómo la gestionamos y por qué nos parece tan importante.

Les invasions barbares

Some reflections about the controversy generated by the changes at Basecamp, diversity and the power that tech workers have.


This post is about dreaded estimations. Let’s think about why we do them, what problems they bring to the table and what the Agile estimation approach is in comparison to other approaches.

¿Qué es accesibilidad?

En la actualidad, consumimos una gran variedad de servicios en forma de sitios web/Apps, pero no todos los usuaries interactúan de la misma forma. Alguna vez pensaste que el diseño de tu aplicación podría estar excluyendo de forma inintencionada a distintos tipos de usuarios?

About 10Pines salary reviews

Recently, an article about 10Pines was published by a news network. From then on, a lot of people and media have been interested in our organization, asking and writing articles particularly about how we manage our salaries reviews.

The essence of Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing is a somewhat trending topic, and you can find a lot of blog posts on what event sourcing supposedly is. I’ll throw my wrench in the works and try to explain what I see as “Event Sourcing”.

The Evil Defaults

Working on a project with a lot of legacy code always leaves good lessons. This time I’ll present you what I like to call “evil defaults”, pieces of code that can do a lot of harm in any software project.

Ready! Set! Retrospect! Breaking the ice on Agile Retrospectives

There are a lot of glitches or complications that might arise when facing retrospectives in which a team should come clean on opinions and experiences, about themselves or about each other. Let’s dig out and analyze some of the problems we could be facing and, hopefully, sweep them off the board.

6 tips for a powerful TDD session

TDD is ~95% practice. The theory about it is really simple. Practice is harder, and it's always beneficial to have some guidance as you practice it. Here's a quick list of six tips that may work for you!

Creating SVG animations with Snap.svg

Animations can go a long way in making your application feel more attactive, friendly and immersive. Using SVG as the foundation of them, you'll get resolution independent, responsive animations, that might otherwise be difficult to build. Let's see how we can create one...

CSS: From I hate it, to I actually like this thing

Do you feel hopeless when you have to work with css? Anxious knowing the site will break the minute you add a minor change to the styling? No more my friend! These 9 steps will make your life easier!

The Many Facets Of Quality

Some time ago, in a talk, someone asked "What is software quality, what gives quality to software?". My immediate half-joking answer was "Software shouldn't get in my way, that's quality!

There are null reasons

This post will try and maybe fail to convince you that using `null` in your code is an error. For those of you willing to listen, here are my reasons to stop using it.

Java generics and inheritance (part 1)

Types, Sets, variables and casting When you use a compile-time typed language, like Java, you expect that types in each variable will help you by restricting the possibilities for a value. Instead of

Software Existentialism

A few days ago, in an interesting discussion I was having in a local Agile forum, someone posted the phrase: Doing the right thing precedes doing things right The phrase caught my attention