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Les invasions barbares

Some reflections about the controversy generated by the changes at Basecamp, diversity and the power that tech workers have.

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El camino del Samurai

En nuestra profesión, como en muchas otras existe la creencia de que para crecer hay que dejar el trabajo técnico y escalar por la pirámide gerencial. Sin embargo no todos desean este cambio. Por suerte en nuestra área, el trabajo técnico nunca es aburrido: los desafíos cambian constantemente.

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Is Go simple?

Golang authors and promoters claim one of the biggest benefits of the language is being *"simple"*

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To Care or Not to Care

That is the question! A week ago I had an interview with a potential new client who owns a startup company that is related to sports activities. This potential new client, let’s

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Software Existentialism

A few days ago, in an interesting discussion I was having in a local Agile forum, someone posted the phrase: Doing the right thing precedes doing things right The phrase caught my attention

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Refactoring legacy code story

Is the following story familiar? A client knocks to your door, asking for help with a software developed by another vendor. He complains about developers always being late to deadlines and every time a new version is delivered there are plenty of things that are not working properly.

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Benefits of agile software development

Incremental deployment: minimize time-to-market Since agile processes deliver working software at the end of each iteration (typically around 1-4 weeks) and requirements are prioritized by business value, the organization might choose to release