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Prioritization can be tricky. What are the factors involved, and which tools can help with it?

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Agile changed the way we work, thus the way we plan. How does Planning work in the Agile world?

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User Stories

Since they were invented, user stories have become the building block of Agile iterative and incremental development approach.

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This post is about dreaded estimations. Let’s think about why we do them, what problems they bring to the table and what the Agile estimation approach is in comparison to other approaches.

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Heart of Agile Teams at 10Pines

What's the formula to make excellent teams work the way they do? How can we extend that to the whole organization? Here I show you our own recipe at 10pines

I do not want to do Agile

This post comes from a conversation I had with a client, let's call him Joe. He was reluctant to adopt this new Agile Methodology that some other folks in the organization were suggesting.

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The Backlog Guy

Introduction Yeah, this is how everyone called me in my latest gig. You want to hear the story? (I heard yes). It was a green field, ambitious project that was going to be

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Rethinking Estimations

When someone asks for an estimate I always think of this. #NoEstimates pic.twitter.com/siZsVxs3D4 — Aaron Griffith (@Aaron_Griffith) March 14, 2014 It's not like estimations are like this,

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agile 2011 slc we were there

News from Salt Lake City Agile2011 is over. Back to where it all began. and with most of the people that initiated this movement, 10 years ago. For me, it was my first

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Agile is clean code

But ... Isn't this a requirement for all approaches? Why do I have the impression that in Agile, the technical aspect is more important?