agile 2011 slc we were there

agile 2011 slc we were there

News from Salt Lake City

Agile2011 is over. Back to where it all began. and with most of the people that initiated this movement, 10 years ago. For me, it was my first Agile conference and I must say it was a blast. Being able to hear these guys in the different sessions and talk to them in the hallways during the breaks was amazing.

What I enjoyed the most? Let me think...


Mary's one about design thinking. A complete a-ha moment, specially when she said that user stories often disguise bad design decisions. Wait a minute... Isn't it that User Stories just contain the what and not the how? (Thinking). How many times have I done it? Uhh, many...Mary is still my hero.

Jonathan Rasmusson, the Agile Samurai, gave a great introductory presentation on Agile, very funny, dynamic and with lots of pearls. He really left me thinking when he said that he recommends starting the road towards Agility with the technical practices (CI, TDD, pair programming) and then add a process. This isn't the approach I've been recommending, but it really makes sense, right?

Another session I was spying (alternating with my venue guide position) was Pete Beherens session about "Agility Culture". How important is the culture of the company for Agile to succeed or, in other words, how compatible is Agile with the different companies?

Esther's session on team traps was great and she is such a nice person.

The Park Bench

The Park Bench with the Manifesto Signer's was awesome, very relaxed and with a lot of humour. It really allow us to take a glimpse to the backstage of that meeting in 2001.


Keynotes were great as well. People (in general) were very emotional with Friederickson's and Linda Rising's talks, but I gotta be honest. I am a developer with little connection with my emotions and so the keynote I enjoyed the most was Code Session. Hilarious and interesting. He is such a good presenter.

Food and Party

Food, food and more food. I would have never imagined that Agilists care so much about food. I tried to resist it, but man, it was impossible.

I hope the folks at Agiles do the same!!

Besides all this, I enjoyed re encountering old friends from Agiles 2008 as Michah Martin and Dave Nicolette ant talking again with Pat Reed from The GAP. Of course I missed a lot of sessions I would like to see. It's impossible to see them all. Well, hopefully next year!