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Prioritization can be tricky. What are the factors involved, and which tools can help with it?

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When not to pair

Sometimes, pairing is not going to add this extra value we're looking for... which are those moments? let me go over some scenarios where it's probably better to work alone.

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Leaving a codebase

I'm leaving a codebase where I contributed for 6 years. I've made more than 2000 commits and I've added, modified, and removed a lot of lines of code. Here are some things I have in mind as part of my offboarding process.

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Agile changed the way we work, thus the way we plan. How does Planning work in the Agile world?

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User Stories

Since they were invented, user stories have become the building block of Agile iterative and incremental development approach.

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This post is about dreaded estimations. Let’s think about why we do them, what problems they bring to the table and what the Agile estimation approach is in comparison to other approaches.

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¿Estimar no sirve para nada?

Números y tiempos, scopes y complejidades... ¿De qué sirve ocupar el tiempo en toda esta predicción? ¿En qué mejora el resultado final? ¿Qué ganamos? ¿Será que estimar no sirve para nada? Mmmm, a ver...

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20 Tips para Retrospectivas Remotas ideales

Migrar una retrospectiva a un entorno virtual es algo esencial, principalmente en los equipos que debieron cambiar su conducta a causa de la coyuntura pandémica. Estos son 20 tips para equiparar las condiciones presenciales en un entorno remoto, algo que todo equipo robusto debería dominar.

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Anonymity vs. Agile maturity... (vs?)

Does anonymity play any role in agile teams? Even more, can we pretend to pursue a mature agile environment when members of the team are afraid to take ownership of their opinions? Let's think of a few tips to evolve into trust and self-confidence on agile teams.

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Heart of Agile Teams at 10Pines

What's the formula to make excellent teams work the way they do? How can we extend that to the whole organization? Here I show you our own recipe at 10pines

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The model behind Git

When it comes to version control systems (VCS), we can start naming a few of the most popular, like Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, etc. Nevertheless, at this time our focus will be on Git,

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¿Qué significa "Sin Jefes"?

Esta semana un diario argentino publicó un artículo sobre la forma en la que nos organizamos en 10Pines. Nos dimos cuenta de que en internet mucha gente tenía dudas sobre nuestra cultura, así que nos gustaría aclarar un poco más el asunto.

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What does "No bosses" mean?

This week an Argentinian newspaper published an article about the way we organize ourselves here at 10Pines. We noticed that people over the internet had questions about our culture, so I’d like to try and clarify a little bit here.