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Why "Trustparency" matters

While taking a negotiation course a couple of weeks ago I got to think about how we achieved to create a trust-based company. Here are my thoughts

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¿Qué significa "Sin Jefes"?

Esta semana un diario argentino publicó un artículo sobre la forma en la que nos organizamos en 10Pines. Nos dimos cuenta de que en internet mucha gente tenía dudas sobre nuestra cultura, así que nos gustaría aclarar un poco más el asunto.

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What does "No bosses" mean?

This week an Argentinian newspaper published an article about the way we organize ourselves here at 10Pines. We noticed that people over the internet had questions about our culture, so I’d like to try and clarify a little bit here.

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Caring about coding

The Broken Window Theory states that how much people care about something is an important factor in how much you care about the same thing. Can it be applied to our code?

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Mixins or Traits? That is the Question

A couple of days ago, a discussion came up in an uqbar foundation[1] mailing list about the Java 8 Interfaces Default Methods. They were named as «mixins», but I corrected them and