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Los defaults malvados

Trabajar en un proyecto con mucho código heredado siempre es una fuente de grandes aprendizajes. En esta ocasión les presento a los "defaults malvados", como a mí me gustan llamarlos. Son partes de código que pueden hacer mucho daño en una aplicación. Veamos cómo…

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The principles and habits of healthy software

Throughout the last few years of my career, two words have been present almost every day: principles and habits. I believe both can help us be better people and drive positive change around us – in general, but in software in particular.

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A case against nameless objects

We name objects, we name variables, we name classes, messages, functions and types. We name all the time because names allow us not only to reference “something” but also to understand what that “something” means.

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Anonymity vs. Agile maturity... (vs?)

Does anonymity play any role in agile teams? Even more, can we pretend to pursue a mature agile environment when members of the team are afraid to take ownership of their opinions? Let's think of a few tips to evolve into trust and self-confidence on agile teams.

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From a newbie, to a newbie

It's been less than a year since I joined 10Pines, and a little more than two since I started working officialy as a programmer. I don't like calling myself a junior developer because

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Ruby On Pains

Have you ever heard about the Rails way? I would like to introduce some pains that I've seen and keep seeing in all the Rails projects due to the Rails way... ActiveRecord How