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Java generics and inheritance (part 2)

On the first part of this article I explained why java generics don't allow up-casting for generified types. In this part we will see why, arrays don't have that restriction, and the implications

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Java generics and inheritance (part 1)

Types, Sets, variables and casting When you use a compile-time typed language, like Java, you expect that types in each variable will help you by restricting the possibilities for a value. Instead of

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Mixins or Traits? That is the Question

A couple of days ago, a discussion came up in an uqbar foundation[1] mailing list about the Java 8 Interfaces Default Methods. They were named as «mixins», but I corrected them and

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Is Java Dead?

The answer is: of course not!!, but now that I got your attention surely due to the title that mimics the lately hot "Is TDD Dead?" discussion started by @dhh, I