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Los defaults malvados

Trabajar en un proyecto con mucho código heredado siempre es una fuente de grandes aprendizajes. En esta ocasión les presento a los "defaults malvados", como a mí me gustan llamarlos. Son partes de código que pueden hacer mucho daño en una aplicación. Veamos cómo…

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A case against nameless objects

We name objects, we name variables, we name classes, messages, functions and types. We name all the time because names allow us not only to reference “something” but also to understand what that “something” means.

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The Evil Defaults

Working on a project with a lot of legacy code always leaves good lessons. This time I’ll present you what I like to call “evil defaults”, pieces of code that can do a lot of harm in any software project.

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There are null reasons

This post will try and maybe fail to convince you that using `null` in your code is an error. For those of you willing to listen, here are my reasons to stop using it.

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The Art of Naming

Today we all know now that variables should not be called x or y, not even i nor n, when we use the famous “for”... but do you really know why? have you

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About inheritance as means of reuse

When talking about Smalltalk, there is definitively an over use on the possibility to add messages to Object class. It is so easy to do it, that people usually do it just to