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Collection Filters in Ruby

There should be a filter object, and it should be placed between the user and the filtered object. Imagine you are modeling a person using a pair of glasses...

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Ruby On Pains

Have you ever heard about the Rails way? I would like to introduce some pains that I've seen and keep seeing in all the Rails projects due to the Rails way... ActiveRecord How

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Symbols: the new return codes? (Pt. 2)

Flow control with exceptions and closures In this previous post we've considered the benefits and inconveniences of using nil and symbols as return values in a method. Now we’ll evaluate the possibility

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Symbols: the new return codes?

Recently I’ve read a tweet from Yehuda Katz in which he suggested an interesting idea, as an alternative for using nil as a result from a method: to use a symbol instead.

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Rock Your Ruby: The Value of Value

Go ahead and ask the developer sitting next to you what is the thing that loves the most about Ruby. It should come as no surprise that simplicity, flexibility and expressiveness are the main reasons Ruby junkies just can't get enough of it.