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Fears while writing code for the first time

Fear is an unpleasant feeling, a paralyzer. It doesn’t allow us to move forward. That's why we as humans need to identify when we are in fear and find ways to manage it in the best way. Believe it or not, writing code requires a lot of courage.

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El primer test

Quizás la mayor dificultad al trabajar con TDD es empezar. ¿Cómo ir más allá de la hoja en blanco? TDD nos invita a aprender muy rápido, a sabiendas que nos vamos a equivocar mucho. ¡a prepararse, pues! ¿Qué características debería tener ese difícil primer test?

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6 tips para una exitosa sesión de TDD

TDD es ~95% práctica. La teoría seguramente la conozcas o la hayas escuchado, el ciclo de Red-Green-Refactor te sea familiar y sepas qué es lo que se hace en cada paso. La práctica es lo difícil... esta es una simple lista de cosas que funcionaron para mí, y que quizás funcionen para vos.

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Testing Rake tasks

An essay on Rake tasks, their Rails dependency, the value of testing them and, most of all, how to do it. Testing Rake tasks is essential when you need to keep your project robust and reliable all along. Let me show you how (and why) you should definitely do it.

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6 tips for a powerful TDD session

TDD is ~95% practice. The theory about it is really simple. Practice is harder, and it's always beneficial to have some guidance as you practice it. Here's a quick list of six tips that may work for you!

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An Inverted Test Pyramid

Are you familiar with the concept of a "Test Pyramid"? I’ve been working on a project suffering from an inverted pyramid, and here I share the downsides that relying solely on end-to-end tests might have.

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Tests: Paving our way

Three Months have passed since I started working in 10 Pines as a participant of the apprenticeship program. Although we covered different topics and technologies, one of the things that has touched me