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There are null reasons

This post will try and maybe fail to convince you that using `null` in your code is an error. For those of you willing to listen, here are my reasons to stop using it.

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Caring about coding

The Broken Window Theory states that how much people care about something is an important factor in how much you care about the same thing. Can it be applied to our code?

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Java generics and inheritance (part 2)

On the first part of this article I explained why java generics don't allow up-casting for generified types. In this part we will see why, arrays don't have that restriction, and the implications

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Java generics and inheritance (part 1)

Types, Sets, variables and casting When you use a compile-time typed language, like Java, you expect that types in each variable will help you by restricting the possibilities for a value. Instead of

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Collecting Collections - Day 37

Previously on "Collecting Collections" Performance I was designing in my head, analyzing how to implement each method, visioning dependencies between methods and I stumbled upon size. Very simple to implement. Perhaps

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Collecting Collections - Day 32

Previously on "Collecting Collections" Method semantics After gathering a bunch of methods in a table and reading their source or documentation, I had a basic idea for every one of them.

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Collecting Collections - Day 20

Some time ago I started digging collection APIs in a few languages trying to answer a philosophical question. How were the whole/part relationships represented on programming languages (through collections) and what were