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A case against nameless objects

We name objects, we name variables, we name classes, messages, functions and types. We name all the time because names allow us not only to reference “something” but also to understand what that “something” means.

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Is Java Dead?

The answer is: of course not!!, but now that I got your attention surely due to the title that mimics the lately hot "Is TDD Dead?" discussion started by @dhh, I

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10 Pines, una empresa diferente

Hace unos años atrás cuando nos juntamos para formar 10Pines teníamos muchas dudas sobre lo que pasaría, sobre cómo nos iría, sobre la factibilidad de hacerlo, dudas lógicas de cualquier emprendimiento y cambio.

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The Art of Naming

Today we all know now that variables should not be called x or y, not even i nor n, when we use the famous “for”... but do you really know why? have you

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Mutation testing

During the 70s, mutation testing emerged as a technique to assess the fault-finding effectiveness of a test suite. It works by mutating objects behavior and looking for tests to “kill” those mutants. The

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About inheritance as means of reuse

When talking about Smalltalk, there is definitively an over use on the possibility to add messages to Object class. It is so easy to do it, that people usually do it just to