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The principles and habits of healthy software

Throughout the last few years of my career, two words have been present almost every day: principles and habits. I believe both can help us be better people and drive positive change around us – in general, but in software in particular.

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Obvious Programming

A technique to know how much refactoring you need on a piece of code. Refactor your code until it looks obvious to you and your team

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El arte de las pequeñas mejoras

Refactorizar es lindo. Pero la realidad nos presenta restricciones (tiempo, alcance, tecnológicas, políticas). Ahí es donde la creatividad toma importancia y debemos lograr un alto impacto en poco tiempo, mientras hacemos crecer nuestro software.

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Clean Code Cleanups

I’ll walk you through different stages of code cleanup, and things to have in mind to make it in an efficient way, based on my experience.

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Refactoring legacy code story

Is the following story familiar? A client knocks to your door, asking for help with a software developed by another vendor. He complains about developers always being late to deadlines and every time a new version is delivered there are plenty of things that are not working properly.