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6 tips for a powerful TDD session

TDD is ~95% practice. The theory about it is really simple. Practice is harder, and it's always beneficial to have some guidance as you practice it. Here's a quick list of six tips that may work for you!

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An Inverted Test Pyramid

Are you familiar with the concept of a "Test Pyramid"? I’ve been working on a project suffering from an inverted pyramid, and here I share the downsides that relying solely on end-to-end tests might have.

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Be careful with the mocks

Mocking objects is a common practice when writing tests, however it can be painful when refactoring a class tested with mocks. I will show a simple example to explain the problems that mocking can generate

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Tests: Paving our way

Three Months have passed since I started working in 10 Pines as a participant of the apprenticeship program. Although we covered different topics and technologies, one of the things that has touched me